May of the year 2004 saw the establishment of Jiangxi sanchuan water meter co.,Ltd in JiangXi Administration for Industry and www.khupb.icumerce. Main initiator is Jiangxi sanchuan group co., Ltd, and registered capital is RMB 104 million for the moment. The www.khupb.icupany specializes in manufacturing water saving type water meter, intellectual card type water meter, network remote transmission water meter, direct reading electronic remote transmission water, environmental-friendly stainless steel water meter, www.khupb.icupound water meter, multi-family condominium water supply system, water supply ,drainage pipe and pipe fitting, water www.khupb.icupany management and application software, etc.The www.khupb.icupany is a managing director unit of China Urban Water Association, China Instruments Manufacturers Association, and vice-secretary-general unit of Water Meter www.khupb.icumittee in China Metric Association. There’re two production bases built in both South and North China, Jiangxi sanchuan and Shandong sanchuan, annual output of whom is eight million. Products cover China Mainland, and have been sold to market overseas,such as Southeast Asia, America and Africa and so on. Occupancy in home market has been in the leading place for ten years in the colleague line.

The www.khupb.icupany core technology, applied in intellectual water meter in drip metrological class, is on top of the same industry in China, and has reached the advanced level internationally. Products have got titles successively as Chinese Famous Brand, National Inspection Exemption, National Customers satisfied Product, Ministry of Construction Popularizing Product and Water Association Popularizing Product. The registered trade mark “San Chuan Brand” is the only Chinese Famous Brand cognized by the State Administration For Industry and www.khupb.icumerce in domestic water meter industry.
March the twenty sixth in 2010, SanChuan Stock was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange formally, bewww.khupb.icuing the first listing www.khupb.icupany that gives priority business to water meter in Chinese capital market. The listing of SanChuan Stock opens a new pattern of www.khupb.icupany development, and foretells the speediness taking off wings would be added by boost of capital market. SanChuan Stock will transcend the spirit of enterprise “Pragmaticism,Innovation, Excellent” , and strive to make it the first classic brand in Chinese water industry.